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New piece.

"Its getting hard to escape a repeating past

Get me out of here”


feels great.

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The XX,

Im building higher than I can see

I want fantasy 


Sketchbook & Solitude. #brooklyn (at Williamsburgh, Brooklyn, New York)

I never planned to love you like I do now.
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Day 1 of #afropunk #brooklyn #graffiti

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Erykah Badu,

I can’t believe

That we’re still livin’

Oh, in this crazy, crazy world

That I’m still livin’

With all the problems of the day

How can we go on? 

So tired of hearin’ people say

"How can we go on?"


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I shared my body and my mind with you
Thats all over now

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Small peek of Swoon’s installation at the Brooklyn Museum. #swoon #brooklyn (at Brooklyn Museum)

"You’re not protecting the people and you’re not protecting property, so why are you there?" 

"You don’t own us anymore."

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I like things that make me stop. Spotted in BK. #brooklyn #publicart #mural (at Brooklyn, New York)

Can you tell me why

Every time I step outside

I see my niggas die

Im letting you know

That there ain’t no gun they make

that can kill my soul”

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LUPITA ON WANGECHI | by Zina Saro Wiwa

Back in 2010, as part of her project “This is My Africa”, Zina Saro Wiwa interviewed Lupita Nyong’o about her love for the work of Wangechi Mutu.

One of my favorite artists

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