Gabrielle Tesfaye // - Artist - //

Current state of being. Some things are better left painted than said.

Ink | Watercolor 

somethings are better left painted than said.                                

sometimes I try to purify my hate instead                                                  

of letting it go, only to let it grow.                                                             

i refuse to turn in a black hole                                              

i will not absorb others light to replace theirs with my own pain.   

hopeless romantics, empathic recovering lover.                                        

i will continue love because i know what it is like to have lost             

knowing somewhere there is love after love for me.

Good morning all. Keep beauty in your day today. 🌞 (at Somewhere on my paint covered floor )

New piece titled.. “Fallen Angel”. #mixedmedia #painting

Found in the National Civil Rights Museum on my travels in Memphis, TN.

lil ol me
film selfies? 

lil ol me

film selfies? 

Art workshop with our kids during the 50th Freedom Summer conference. Pass down the knowledge to the younger generations, we are a collective power. #freedomsummer #youth #civilrights (at Jackson, Mississippi )

Art.. Nothing I would rather do. Creating this was a trip 

Sundays at the gallery 🎨 If you missed the show it will be here until the 30th. #artisforloversgallery (at Art Is For Lovers Gallery)

Just finished this baby yesterday, now hanging in the giftshop. Come by this weekend 12-5! #artisforloversgallery #milwaukee (at Art Is For Lovers Gallery)