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Check out my feature on Apt20! Amazing blog run by the talented Marquese Robinson. 

Art Gun pt. 1. Made with a spray can, paint brush, film, handle and trigger carved from wood 😜🔫#sculpture #mixedmedia

In progress shot. #painting #mixedmedia


Art Is For Lovers Upcoming show: LADIES NIGHT OUT 2

Ladies Night Out 2:
June 6 - June 30
Opening night: Friday June 6, 5-11PM

Art Is For Lovers Gallery presents Ladies Night Out 2, an exhibition of local and international female artists of various talents and media.

Featuring artists:

Amanda Contreras 
Byada Meredith 
Cara Corder
Della Wells
Ewa Budka
Jay Katelanksy
Jecilia Negron 
MK Yang 
Rawan Alfaraj
Safi Khadia
& young artists

Flyer credit: Kris French

Event page:

New piece hanging in the shop. #artisforloversgallery (at Art Is For Lovers Gallery)

"Art is My Weapon" #mixedmedia #painting





my mother has been murdered,
i really need help

I wanted to boost this with the note for skeptics that this looks completely legit:

This is what happened. It’s a pretty awful. Warning for domestic violence.

Here’s a pic uploaded by the news site showing her with her kids. Note the older girl’s appearance

Here’s what appears to be the full version of the first pic in the top news article, and a corrobating selfie from the day before, verifying that the blogger’s the same girl, that does not match anything on google images.

It’s exactly as OP says. Actually given the circumstances I think it’s even worse than OP let on here. I don’t usually reblog donate2charity posts but in this case it’s as horrible and as true as it says on the tin so yeah. Followers, please consider this one.

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An esoteric type love… #prisma (at Art Is For Lovers Gallery)

-porta film- 

Porta Film | 35mm 

Porta Film | 35mm 


Painting Kings

One of my recent pieces that I am very pleased with.. Titled: “Azra”. #mixedmedia #collage #painting